"Training is like fighting with a gorilla. You dont stop when youre tired. You stop when the gorilla is tired." - Greg Henderson
New Features

A Physical Training (PT) data base that was developed by a good friend, and former Navy Seal trainer, will come on-line and feature the fitness regimes that he used. Good core work focus and lots of functional and straight forward resistance training.

Reading List

Some texts and articles that have provided solid knowledge over the years.

  • Periodization - Tudor Bompa
  • Triathlete"s Training Bible - Joel Friel
  • Total Immersion - Terry Laughlin
  • Eat Right to Train Right - Chris Carmichael

Cyclocross - Under the Lights

Swim Workout - Speed First and Strength to follow (1800m)

This workout can be done in 35 - 45 minutes. A good first workout, or on a light single workout day. During the warm-up I increase intensity on the last 25 meters of each stroke. Swim all out on the 25x12 section. Then keep an even pace on the 300s. The workout simulates a race with a hard start from the gun and then lengthening your stroke and minimizing your lower body work to keep it in reserve.

  • Warm-up - 400m (100 free or fly, 100 back, 100 breast, 100 free)
  • Speed - 300m (25m x 12 with :30 second rest)
  • Pull Buoy - 3 x 300m - even intensity and pace throughout
  • Cool Down - 200m (mixed strokes)

Swim Workout - Timesaver Strength and Speed (1700m)

This workout is a straight forward, easy to understand workout that can be done in 35 - 45 minutes. A good first workout, possibly followed by a strength workout focused on legs later in the day. The third drill was taought to me by my swim coach, Fred Bartlett. After 7 years of coached swimming, this drill taught me a lot about the correct position for the pull through on the stroke. It is done by entering the hand and slowly bringing the stroke about half way (to the shoulder) and pausing for 3 count before exploding through the 2nd half of the stroke. Focus on high elbow.

  • Warm-up - 300m (100 free, 100 back, 100 breast)
  • Drills - 300m (25 drill, 25 long glide stroke)
    • sculling
    • single arm (R/L)
    • single arm, pause stroke at shoulder (3 count) and pull through 2nd half of stroke (R/L)
  • Pull / Paddle - 3 x 300m - increase intensity last 25m of each 100m
  • Cool Down - 200m