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Mark Wholey is a soccer player, triathlete and runner. Mark has been an athlete since 7 years old, when he started kicking a soccer ball around in the local youth leagues. He played through college into Division I at the Univeristy of Hartford, CT, ultimately spending over 35 years as a soccer player and a middle / long distance track athlete, as well as adding triathlon to his resume. "I had been considering the sport for years and, in fact in college, I ran so much distance that I was routinely chided by teammates about how many Ironmans I did over the summer." When once, asked to estimate how many miles he had run in total, he conservatively guessed 25,000 - 35,000.... "At least once around the world."

Mark strongly supports cancer awareness and research charities. Mark's father recently passed (April 2012) after battling NSCLC squamous lung cancer, and Mark's father-in-law battled glioblastoma astrocytoma, an agressive form of brain cancer until April 2005.

Help DEFEAT Lung Cancer through the Tim Wholey Memorial Fund at LUNGevity.org

Tim Wholey Memorial Fund through LUNGevity.org.